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Discover Which Foods Are Keeping You From Losing Weight!
What is a Food Intolerance?
Food intolerance occurs when our bodies cannot properly digest and convert the foods we eat into the necessary nutrients that fuel our systems.

More simply, food intolerance occurs when you eat something but it fails to be properly broken down in the intestines. The main reason for this failure is due to a lack of digestive enzymes – it’s their job to break down food molecules so that they can be properly absorbed into the bloodstream.

When the body doesn’t produce enough (or any) of an enzyme that a food requires for proper digestion, the proteins cannot convert into amino acids or nutrients, and will start accumulating in the gut and eventually make their way into the bloodstream improperly.
The immune system identifies these partially digested proteins as foreign intruders and attacks them. This attack triggers inflammation in the gut – the immune system’s natural response to injuries and other harmful things that enter the body. 
Just like when you have the flu, which also causes inflammation, the body’s fight against the imperfectly digested food will cause many negative symptoms including fatigue, migraine & headaches, eczema, bloating, gas, congestion, weight gain, brain fog, joint ache, acid reflux, food cravings, diarrhea, skin rash and more.
Differently from the flu, however, these food intolerance related symptoms can sometimes persist over a lifetime if neglected.

One of the more common side-effects of food intolerance is weight gain. This is mainly due to depleted levels of serotonin, the powerful chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance, social behavior, libido, memory, and digestive health. More importantly, though, serotonin also acts as the natural appetite suppressant in our bodies, making us feel satisfied even when our stomachs are not full..
When fighting a food intolerance, serotonin production (95% of which originates from the cells in our intestines) decreases dramatically, leading us to intense carb and sugar cravings. 

This process sends our bodies into a vicious cycle of mood swings, depression, and unwanted cravings, all stemming from the body’s fight against food intolerance.  

PinnerTest is a next generation blood test that utilizes microarray technology to identify a client’s individual food intolerances. 

By using microarray analysis of IgG measurements, PinnerTest lab can thoroughly measure the IgG antibody levels against the proteins of 200 different foods. This progressive technique works to identify the foods that respond negatively with your system–all with just a few drops of blood dispensed by a basic finger prick..

Why PinnerTest?

  •  Over 200 foods tested
  •  Easy at-home kit
  •  Non-invasive
  •  Personalized, easy to understand results
  •  Sample tested 3 times to ensure accuracy 
  •  Results interpretation 
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Meet Heather Deranja - The Nutrition Vixen
Creator and Founder of Nutrition Vixen, Heather Deranja is no stranger to taking a less than ideal body and turning it into a body to be proud of.  Why? Because not only has she done that for her clients over and over again - she's been on that journey herself. That experience coupled with her passionate study of nutrition, health and fitness for over a decade and working with hundreds of clients is why she can deliver profound results consistently to her clients.

You're on this page today because you want results

Real results

If you're really ready to move into your healthiest and fittest version of yourself - 
then you are definitely in the right place!

Heather uses the PinnerTest with all of her clients to identify food triggers in order to optimize the metabolism in the shortest amount of time. Simply by knowing what foods to avoid, you can begin to make progress and see results immediately. 

If you're ready to take your health to the next level, and understand your own body and metabolism, click below to request more info on the PinnerTest!
Here's Just A Few Testimonies From Heather’s Coaching Clients Who Have Done the PinnerTest
"Deciding to work with Heather and do my PinnerTest was the BEST decision I made and that was my catalyst to getting into top physical condition.   

I had no idea it was even possible to drop 38 pounds in 7 weeks - and I did it!!! I didn't realize how much the foods I was eating that I thought were healthy, were actually keeping me from getting in shape. Heather walked me through everything and knowing she had my back every step of the way made a huge difference.

 I encourage anyone who is serious about getting into their shape to do their PinnerTest NOW."
Zach "The Altar Boy" Freeman

"The PinnerTest has taught me so much about what food does for me. It helped me make changes to my eating habits that were small, but easy steps to incorporate into my life. My family and I eat better and I certainly feel better as a result. I have become much more thoughtful and conscientious about my eating, and having the results interpretation with Heather was a game changer in making this successful!

- Jennifer

"I just want anyone out there who is frustrated and feeling helpless when it comes to health, wellness, and weigh loss to know that there is hope with Nutrition Vixen. If you feel lost and like you've tried everything, I highly recommend Heather's services. She had me start with a PinnerTest to determine my food intolerances and it was the best thing I could have done. It's such an easy way to get started and I felt better the second I started cutting out those foods. Just knowing the 4 foods I need to avoid makes it so easy and I saw such a difference in my energy levels, skin, sleep quality, and weight started coming off. It was empowering and has motivated me to make even more healthy changes. Highly recommended, thanks Heather!!"

- Kathy

"I never thought that the foods I considered to be healthy were actually causing me to bloat and gain weight. I couldn't understand why I was experiencing such bad digestive distress, feeling tired all the time, craving sugar like crazy, gaining weight, and feeling "puffy". It was MISERABLE, but as soon as I eliminated the foods from my PinnerTest, all of those symptoms went away IMMEDIATELY and I began to lose weight. It was the best decision I EVER made.


"I suffered from very painful rheumatoid arthritis and was at a complete loss of what to do. My doctors only wanted to put me on medication and I thought that was my last hope. I gave the PinnerTest a try and it turned out that some of the things I was eating were causing inflammation, making my joint pain even worse. After eliminating the foods on my test, my pain has almost completely disappeared. I recommend this to anyone wanting to make a change in their health and just feel better."

- Cathy
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